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DR Congo Kananga Water Plant Sedimentation Basin Repairing Project Commences

Release time:2019-08-30 Article source:亚太聚焦 Reading times: A+AA-

On August 29, the opening ceremony of the DR Congo Kananga Water Plant Sedimentation Basin Repairing Project undertaken by CMEC was held at the project site in Kananga city (the capital city of the Kasai-Central Province), the DR Congo.

Present at the opening ceremony were DR Congolese Counselor to the President in charge of mining and energy, principal officials of the government of the Kasai-Central Province of the DR Congo and representative of the owner of REGIDESO, the national water supply company of the DR Congo.

At the opening ceremony, all the guests expressed their wishes and expectations for on-schedule completion and successful implementation of the project and laid a foundation for the project.

Under the framework of the “DR Congolese President’s 100 Days Plan”, the project is funded by its owner. As the general contractor of the project, CMEC is responsible for repairing the sedimentation basin and some other supporting facilities of the Kananga Water Plant. After its completion, the project is expected to ensure stable local drinking water supply in Kananga and increase the living standards of locals. CMEC will work with the owner to make a plan on overall repairing and extension of the Kananga Water Plant following the completion of the project, thereby thoroughly improving water supply in the urban area of Kananga.