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Angolan President Joao Lourenco Inspects SOYO I Combined Cycle Power Station

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Local time 11:30PM, July 19, 2019, Angolan President Joao Lourenco inspected the SOYO I combined cycle power station undertaken by CMEC during his field survey in Zaire Province. The power station is so far the largest gas turbine power station project in Africa and a flagship project in the power energy development planning of Angola. The project is supported by the Chinese government and benefits from China’s “Go Global” strategy and “Belt and Road” initiative. Since Lourenco was sworn in as president of Angola in 2017, he has paid high attention and given strong support to the project. The visit of Lourenco has become a new milestone of the project.

After arriving at the power station, Lourenco first of all went to the meeting hall in the production & office building to listen to the report on the project and learn about major events and future operation plans related to the project. Then, he visited the centralized control room and extended his regards to the personnel of the owner and CMEC engineers who were working. Before leaving the site, Lourenco spoke highly of the construction management and control and the overall quality of the project, saying that it is a “satisfactory” project and he likes here very much. The president’s appreciation and positive evaluation of the power station is the strongest impetus to CMEC’s exploration in the power energy project contracting market in Angola.

A minute on the stage takes ten-year practices. For CMEC, the achievement did not come easily. In the process of implementation of the project, the project team followed the principle of integration between construction and operation by strictly controlling the construction, ensuring standardization of spare parts, enhancing the level of automation and strengthening training for owner’s personnel. As a result, the project went smoothly in the stage of operation and maintenance. During the construction, the project team made meticulous planning, carried out management scientifically, and completed the installation and adjustment of 420kV GIS within a short time of three month, making a world record for ABB’s global GIS equipment. The first unit of the Soyo power plant project has been ignited two months ahead of schedule, demonstrating the miracle of the “speed of CMEC”. The project office strictly controls the quality and purchases gas turbines and steam turbines from GE, laying a solid foundation for successful implementation of the project. In terms of management of engineering equipment, materials and inventory, the project office advances with the times, uses globally-leading QR codes for scientific management and control, integrates the QR code technologies and information processing technologies, and has established a complete management system that enables dynamically gaining logistics information on the project.

We aim to make every project we build a monument. The construction of the power station is undertaken by the 8th Complete Plants Division as a general EPC contractor. The construction of the power station started in December 2015, and its contract period expired on June 30. Thanks to the coordinated cooperation of all relevant parties, the project had been commissioned and delivered in advance on May 19, 2019, becoming another model for the overseas projects of CMEC.

Joao·Lourenco arrives at the project site

Joao·Lourenco listens to the report on the project

Joao·Lourenco visits centralized control room of the power station