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CMEC’s CSR Report 2018 Released

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On July 12, CMEC officially released the CMEC CSR Report 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”). It is the sixth consecutive year that CMEC has released its social responsibility report. The Report, published in Chinese and English, is available in both paper and online versions for stakeholders to consult. The Report is themed CMEC’s CSR concept of “serving as a responsible enterprise, making contribution to the world,” introducing the progress of CMEC fulfilling its responsibilities in 2018 in six aspects, namely, topics on responsibility, innovation and upgrading, win-win partners, employee development, green and environmental protection, and harmonious community.

Image: Cover of CMEC CSR Report 2018

The year of 2018 marked the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up as well as of CMEC. Over the past four decades, CMEC has focused on the engineering contracting industry and worked with its global partners to build sustainable infrastructure. It has always strived to bring about economic, environmental and social benefits, injecting strong impetus into the world’s sustainable development.

Over the past year, CMEC has won a lot of awards in CSR, including the honorary title of “Leading Enterprise of the 2018 CSR Performance Evaluation of Chinese International Contractors” awarded by China International Contractors Association, the 2018 Excellent Enterprise Award for Overseas Sustainable Practice granted by the Chinese Institute of Business Administration, and the 2018 China Securities Golden Bauhinia Award for the Listed Company of Best Practice under the Belt and Road Initiative granted by China Securities Golden Bauhinia Organizing Committee. In particular, CMEC won the Telemedicine Award for Employee Care and Obligation granted by the International SOS by virtue of the employee healthcare system of the construction and installation project of Angola’s SOYO combined cycle power plant. It has become the first and only Chinese enterprise to win the award so far.

CSR report is an important carrier to demonstrate the concept, practice, and results of enterprises fulfilling their responsibilities. This year, the Report continues to make improvement and innovation based on the basic structure of previous reports, offering the following highlights and priorities.

I. Responding to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Following the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations has once again proposed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. China has also released a national plan to implement the UN SDGs. CMEC is committed to meeting the UN SDGs and uses 17 goals as an important standard to guide itself to carry out social responsibility. It aims to integrate itself with the social responsibility management model and commit itself to the SDGs.

Image: CMEC Social Responsibility Management Model

II. Following the Structure of Previous Years and Selecting More Substantive Content

In terms of the structure of the Report, the first-level contents have both inheritance and change compared with the 2017 report. The six sections of this year’s report include the top leader’s message, responsibility topics, company profile, social responsibility management, responsibility practice, and appendices. Among them, there are two special topics on responsibility. The responsibility practice as the main part has five chapters, introducing CMEC’s priorities and highlights of fulfilling responsibilities in 2018 regarding the five topics of business, cooperation, employees, environment, and community.

Image: Contents of CMEC CSR Report 2018

Image: Looking ahead to 2019 in CMEC CSR Report 2018

The five chapters of the text follow the design style of last year. Five different colours are selected as the design colour matching each chapter. The neat layout, accurate data, coupled with these cases with illustrations and pictures comprehensively demonstrate the highlights of CMEC fulfilling its responsibilities.

Image: Chapter pages of CMEC CSR Report 2018

The release of CSR reports has become increasingly normal and developed into a global development trend. CSR report can not only be used as an important tool to communicate with investors, shareholders and other stakeholders but also is of great significance in improving internal operations and boosting the long-term development of enterprises. Therefore, we will keep improving the preparation level of the Report and further create new presentation forms and dissemination methods of the Report. We hope that the Report can serve as a bridge of communication to connect CMEC with internal and external stakeholders. We will integrate the social responsibility work into production and operation through the preparation of the Report, comprehensively improve the level and performance of CSR management, and push for the SDGs.