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CMEC President Han Xiaojun Inspects CMEC Argentina Subsidiary and Representative Office

Release time:2019-06-04 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On June 2-3, a delegation headed by CMEC President Han Xiaojun and Vice President Fan Rong visited CMEC Argentina Subsidiary and Representative Office in Buenos Aires as well as CMEC Uruguay Subsidiary.

When visiting the above subsidiaries and representative office, Yin Zhixin, General Manager of 6th Complete Plants Division, welcomed the delegation first of all. Relevant responsible persons of CMEC’s subsidiaries in Argentina and Uruguay made reports on the progress of the Argentina Railway Project, the development of the Argentinean market, the analysis and development of the Uruguayan market, as well as the Party building of the Party branch at the site of the Argentine railway project.

Han first of all recognized the influence of the 6th Complete Plants Division in the Argentinean market, the contributions of Argentine project to promoting the brand of CMEC as well as the cohesiveness and capability of the project team on the site, and asked the division to continue to tap the potential of the Argentinean market, make intensified efforts to carry out the Argentine Railway Project and continue to keep close track of the information on infrastructure construction projects related to electrical energy. He required the Uruguayan subsidiary to complete the registration work according to the plan, adopt an innovative thinking in accordance with the characteristics of Uruguay and formulate targeted development strategy. He said that we should stand on a high vantage point, center on the Argentinean market, create a regional brand effect, increase the brand popularity of CMEC in South America, and make an overall plan of CMEC on the development of the entire market in South America.

Han put forward specific requirements on innovation-driven development, partnership and collaboration, publicity and communications, honesty and self-discipline, as well as workplace safety. In terms of Party building, Han asked the Party branch of the Argentina Railway Project to strictly implement the overall deployment of CMEC for its overseas Party building, and carry out the work by centering on its business operations. Meanwhile, he required all the Party members to study diligently, be ready to make contributions, press forward with indomitable will and play an exemplary role as a Party member.