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General Manager Han Xiaojun Meets with Director-General of Uruguayan Investment and Export Promotion Agency

Release time:2019-06-01 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the morning of May 31, General Manager Han Xiaojun and Deputy General Manager Fan Rong held talks with Mr. Antonio Kalambura, Director-General of the Uruguayan Investment and Export Promotion Agency, after arriving in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

General Manager Han Xiaojun first briefed Director-General Kalambura on CMEC’s development history and achievements in international markets, especially in Latin America’s market, as well as the progress in establishing a subsidiary in Uruguay and the business development there. General Manager Han said that Uruguay has a stable political, economic and social environment and good investment conditions. CMEC is willing to take root in the Uruguayan market and cooperate with Uruguayan government agencies and local enterprises in transportation, electricity, housing construction, and agriculture.

The Director-General warmly welcomed the CMEC delegation. He said that China and Uruguay have good relations and maintain close contacts. The Uruguayan government welcomes Chinese enterprises to participate in infrastructure investment and construction in Uruguay. Mr. Han, on behalf of CMEC, highly appreciated Uruguay’s signing of the Belt and Road Initiative memorandum of understanding with China and expressed his good will to continue contributing to Uruguay’s economic and social development and bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Director-General Kalambura also expressed his willingness to provide help and support for CMEC’s business in Uruguay. In addition, the two sides also had in-depth discussions and exchanges on key projects.