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VP Zhang Jianguo Meets with Deputy Director Ma Xuexia of YCBZ’s Administrative Committee

Release time:2018-12-07 Article source:人民日报 Reading times: A+AA-
On the morning of December 6, Vice President Zhang Jianguo, entrusted by Chairman Zhang Chun, met with Ma Xuexia, Deputy Director of the Administrative Committee of Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone (YCBZ) at CMEC Headquarters.
Vice President Zhang first extended a warm welcome to Deputy Director Ma and expressed heartfelt thanks to local governments in Ningxia and Yinchuan, especially YCBZ’s Administrative Committee for their support for CMEC’s local investment and business development. VP Zhang said that the arrangements of CMEC in Ningxia are based on strategic considerations and that the practice and achievements of CMEC in Ningxia over the past two years have also demonstrated that the strategic arrangements are correct. In the next step, with the continuous progress of follow-up projects of CMEC Silk Road International Cooperation Park, the connotation of “Yinchuan Model” will continue to be enriched. Zhang stressed that the development of CMEC in Ningxia could not be enough if only relying on its own. It should be a new development model jointly created by central enterprises and local governments making full use of their respective advantages. In this process, local governments need continuous support in policy while enterprises need to communicate and develop empathy with the governments so that the cooperation between the two sides can go on for a long time.
Director Ma first thanked CMEC for its warm hospitality. She said CMEC's achievements have been universally recognized since it started its operation in YCBZ for more than two years. The Yinchuan Model created by CMEC has opened a new road for the development of YCBZ, playing a considerable role in enriching business formats of YCBZ. It can be said that the model serves as YCBZ’s benchmark. YCBZ will continue to support the development of CMEC as always, help enterprises to strive for and implement various policies, and advance follow-up projects and multiple formats of business.
Afterward, the two sides exchanged views on the implementation of preferential policies concerning taxation and subsidies, as well as on issues such as outward processing and general taxpayers. CMEC also briefed Director Ma on its plan to produce unmanned aerial vehicles for CMEC’s agricultural division in Yinchuan in the future.
Also attending the meeting were Zhang Tao, Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Department of YCBZ’s Administrative Committee, Ma Xiaolin, Deputy Director of the Economic Liaison Department of the Beijing Liaison Office of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and Huang Yuequan, General Manager of CMEC Yinchuan.