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CMEC Wins 1st Prize of SINOMACH Advanced Enterprises for Financial Information Management Again

Release time:2018-12-12 Article source:人民日报 Reading times: A+AA-
  Since 2015, CMEC has won the first prize of SINOMACH’s advanced enterprises for financial information management for four years in a row. It is CMEC’s precious honor, reflecting the hard work of financial personnel at all levels.
  The financial work in 2018 centred on CMEC’s strategy to continue improving?the financial management system, pushing?the financial function?forward, upgrading financial informationization, enhancing?the quality of financial information,?and strengthening the standardization and informatization of financial management. By doing so, we strive?to transform to?value-based financial management and promote the continuous improvement of financial management capabilities.
  In the future, financial personnel at all levels will put in persistent efforts to play a more?significant?role in the quality development of CMEC and make greater contributions to CMEC’s strategic vision!