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Pakistani Thar Phase II TEL1×330MW Power Plant Project Boiler Foundation Commencement Ceremony Held

Release time:2018-12-01 Article source:亚太聚焦 Reading times: A+AA-
On November 30, the first tank of concrete was poured on the boiler foundation?of the Pakistani Thar Phase II TEL1×330MW?Power Plant Project, symbolizing that the project ushered in the milestone stage of “commencement of boiler foundation”. The ceremony was jointly presided over by Vice General Manager and Executive Project Manager of CMEC’s 4th?Complete Plants Division Zhao Wenke, CEO?Saleemullah?of TEL?Company?(owner), and General Manager Fida?of FFC?Company (investor), and attended by participants to the project and guests from other projects.
At the ceremony, Zhao expressed his delight in the successful implementation of the project, thanked the project teams of the two sides for their persistent efforts and outstanding contributions,?and expressed his confidence in reaching the target on the basis of safety and quality of the project.
Saleemullah?and Fida?extended their congratulations?on the milestone achievements, emphasized?the important position of the TEL?project in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Program, pledged to give full support for successful?implementation of the project, and expected to meet the requirements on quality and time limit on the precondition of safety of the project.
As an important project of the “Belt and Road”?initiative and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Program, the project is of great political significance. Since its implementation in May 2018, the project office has overcome the adverse impacts of climate and environment, made plans in a scientific way, achieved staged progresses and laid a solid foundation for carrying out the work in an all-around way in the future.