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CMEC Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Qingjian Group

Release time:2018-11-22 Article source:亚太聚焦 Reading times: A+AA-
On November 21, 2018, Zhang Chun, Chairman of CMEC, met with Du Bo, Chairman of the Board of Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. The two sides reviewed the cooperation between Qingjian and CMEC in many projects in the international market since 2010, introduced their respective operation, and hoped to give full play to their professional abilities and advantages to carry out diversified cooperation.
At the end of the talks, Chairman Zhang Chun and Chairman Du Bo jointly signed the Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation between CMEC and Qingjian Group. Also attending the signing ceremony were Fang Yanshui, Vice President of CMEC, Xie Ke, General Manager of the of the Strategy and Business Development Department, and Shi Jiantao, General Manager, and Qian Haojun, Deputy General Manager of the 2nd Complete Plants Division.