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CMEC Reaps Bumper Harvest at CIIE

Release time:2018-11-11 Article source:亚太聚焦 Reading times: A+AA-
The first China International Import Expo (CIIE), which attracted worldwide attention, came to a successful end on November 10. The CIIE brought together over 3,600 exhibitors from 172 countries, regions, and international organizations, with a total exhibition area of 300,000 square meters. More than 400,000 domestic and foreign buyers attended the meeting to negotiate their purchases. As of 12:00 noon on November 10, CIIE had received 800,000 visits.
CMEC’s leaders attached great importance to the CIIE. Zhang Chun, Chairman and Deputy Party Secretary of CMEC, Han Xiaojun, Party Secretary and Deputy Chairman of CMEC, Zhang Jianguo, Vice President of CMEC, and other major leaders from China National Complete Engineering Corporation (CNCEC) and JK Institute attended the opening ceremony, forum, and business talks respectively. During the event, they focused on the Smart and High-end Equipment Exhibition Area organized by SINOMACH.
On the morning of November 7, Vice President Zhang Jianguo attended the press conference held by SINOMACH, introducing the three projects contracted by CNCEC and expressing CMEC’s intention to further strengthen its import business by seizing the opportunity of CIIE and considering its main business.
CMEC's various units dispatched more than 60 personnel to participate in CIIE’s relevant business activities.
During the six-day event, CMEC had a good harvest. At SINOMACH’s centralized signing ceremony, CNCEC successfully signed three projects with Wuliang Group, Ghana Cocoa Bureau, and Portugal’s Montargil Company Africa Branch, with a total amount of more than USD1.775 billion. In addition, CMEC Yinchuan and CMEC Hubei also signed contracts with relevant partners from the Ningxia Delegation and the Delegation of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps during the CIIE, with a total amount of USD13 million. Also, Cao Qing, General Manager of CMEC’s 4th Complete Plants Division, attended the Czech-China Economic and Trade Forum during the CIIE and signed an agreement with Czech’s EKOTECHNIAL to jointly develop a 250 MW photovoltaic power station in Ukraine.