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SINOMACH GM Zhang Xiaolun Conducts Investigation at CMEC

Release time:2018-11-14 Article source:亚太聚焦 Reading times: A+AA-
On the morning of November 13, 2018, Zhang Xiaolun, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of SINOMACH, led a delegation to conduct a fact-finding investigation at CMEC. Accompanying the investigation were Gao Jianshe, member of the CPC Standing Committee of and Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH, Bai Shaotong, member of the CPC Standing Committee of and Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH and General Manager of the Engineering Contracting Division of SINOMACH, and heads of SINOMACH’s relevant departments and offices.
On behalf of the company, CMEC Chairman Zhang Chun first welcomed General Manager Zhang Xiaolun and reported on CMEC’s overall operation, the Party building and the building of a clean and honest corporate system as well as the completion of major work such as reducing CMEC’s asset-liability ratio, streamlining corporate hierarchy, slashing “accounts receivable and inventories,” and governing unprofitable, zombie and difficult enterprises. In addition, Chairman Zhang Chun also gave a special report on main problems encountered in the current development of the enterprise and those found during the inspection and rectification as well as the difficulties and problems that need to be solved by SINOMACH.
General Manager Zhang Xiaolun fully affirmed the company’s important position in SINOMACH and its significant contributions over the years and put forward specific requirements for serving as a pacesetter in the Belt and Road Initiative, achieving high-quality development, preventing and controlling risks, coordinating development, pooling funds, governing loss-making companies, and fostering internal competition.
Attending the meeting were members of CMEC’s leadership, Assistant to General Manager, and heads of relevant functional departments.