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VP Zhang Wei Attends Technical Exchange Meeting of CNEEC and JK Institute

Release time:2018-10-25 Article source:亚太聚焦 Reading times: A+AA-
Jointly organized by CMEC Design and Consultation Management Department and Strategic Development Department, a technical exchange meeting was held by China National Electric Engineering Corporation (CNEEC) and China Jikan Research Institute of Engineering Investigation and Design (JK Institute) on October 24 to discuss how to promote coordinated development of CMEC’s different business segments. Vice President Zhang Wei attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
Zhang affirmed the achievements made by CNEEC and JK Institute in strategic cooperation and technical capacity building over the years. Strengthening internal coordination, he said, is one of the major tasks identified by the CMEC Development and Reform Leadership Group, which aim at win-win development through mutual promotion and joint effort. Member enterprises within the design and consultation segment should step up capacity building, strengthen technological innovation, provide value-added services, and promote far-reaching cooperation in overseas business activities, he required.
At the meeting, CNEEC and JK Institute introduced their current organizational structure and business situation. In view of JK Institute’s current survey and design capabilities and experience in international engineering, the two sides discussed the areas for future cooperation, and put forward suggestions on further enhancing their coordination in the future. The Strategic Development Department explained the Guiding Opinions on Promoting Coordinated Development of CMEC Business Segments (For Trial Implementation) and related documents, and stressed the importance of internal synergy in the company's strategy, hoping that both CNEEC and JK Institute would broaden the scope of cooperation to achieve win-win development.