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VP Fang Yanshui Attends SINOMACH’s Video Conference for Overseas Offices

Release time:2018-10-27 Article source:亚太聚焦 Reading times: A+AA-
On the afternoon of October 25 and the morning of October 26, 2018, SINOMACH held the video conference for its overseas offices located in Southeast Asia and South Asia at Sinland Development PTE, Ltd., the Singapore-based Branch of CMEC. Attending the meeting were Bai Shaotong, Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH, and Hao Ping, Head of the Strategic Investment Department, as well as representatives from CMEC, SINOMACH’s other affiliated enterprises, and relevant overseas offices in Southeast Asia and South Asia.
On the afternoon of 25, Vice President Fang Yanshui gave a report on CMEC’s overseas business on behalf of CMEC. Afterward, Sinland Development PTE, Ltd., CMEC Lanka (Private) Limited, CMEC’s Pakistan-based Representative Office, and Pakistan Branch of China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. reported on their business development. Bai fully affirmed CMEC’s achievements in the past 40 years and its contributions to SINOMACH’s development, thanked everyone for their hard work, and hoped CMEC would earnestly implement measures for reform and development.
On the morning of 26, representatives from CMEC International Engineering Co., Ltd., SUMEC Group, HNA Group, SINOCONST, CMIE, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation, SINO-HEAVYMACH, and AIE reported on their international operations in Southeast Asia and South Asia.
Deputy General Manager Bai made the concluding speech and gave instructions on the next-step work of all enterprises and overseas offices.