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The 2018 Meeting of CMEC Expert Committee for Commercialization of Technological Achievements Held

Release time:2018-10-21 Article source:亚太聚焦 Reading times: A+AA-
On October 20, the 2018 Annual Meeting of CMEC Expert Committee for Commercialization of Technological Achievements was held in Beijing. Zhang Chun, Chairman and Deputy Party Secretary of CMEC, and Academician Chen Xuedong, Chief Engineer of SINOMACH and Chairman of the Expert Committee, attended the meeting and delivered important speeches respectively. The meeting also hosted 19 members of the Expert Committee and members of CMEC’s Working Group for Commercialization of Technological Achievements (WGCTA).
In his opening speech, Chairman Zhang Chun stressed that CMEC's cooperation with SINOMACH’s research institutes in the commercialization of technological achievements is an important measure to implement SINOMACH’s spirit of commercialization of technological achievements, proactively implement CMEC’s innovation-driven development strategy, and advance the business collaboration with SINOMACH’s institutes. Since the implementation of the project, with the joint efforts of all parties involved, the project has been carried out smoothly, achieving phased results and expected goals. Meanwhile, Chairman Zhang also hoped that from the perspective of sustainable development, the joint efforts of all parties would be gathered to establish an effective mechanism to analyze, adjust, and seek solutions to problems found and raised in the implementation of the project, in order to strive to improve the commercialization of technological achievements.
Sun Guiji, Head of CMEC’s WGCTA, reported to the Expert Committee on the implementation of the projects for commercialization of technological achievements in 2017 and the 2018 projects reported for approval. The experts at the meeting gave full recognition to the orderly development of CMEC’s commercialization of technological achievements and fully expressed their views and put forward suggestions on the cooperation mechanism, communication model and achievements sharing mechanism.
After listening to the reports made by the four participating units to the panel, the experts questioned and appraised the four projects this year, determined the recommended ranking of these projects via voting, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the reported projects.
Chairman Chen Xuedong presiding over the meeting pointed out in his concluding speech that CMEC’s commercialization of technological achievements are highly in line with SINOMACH’s strategies of “rebuilding a new overseas SINOMACH” and “discovering actions” and build a high-quality platform for SINOMACH’s institutes to participate in the “Belt and Road” Initiative. This work is very close to the market and in accord with CMEC’s sci-tech development strategy. Research institutes and CMEC need to give full play to their respective advantages, work closely together, and foster new drivers through project cooperation. Also, Chen hoped that research institutes, in their cooperation with CMEC, would work to respond to CMEC’s market demand. Regarding information exchange, cooperation model and results sharing, all parties need to strengthen communication further and work out a practical and long-term mechanism to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation and facilitate the transformation and development of enterprises.