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Zhang Chun Meets with Yinchuan FTZ Director Ma Xuexia

Release time:2018-09-06 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-
On the morning of September 6, CMEC Chairman Zhang Chun met at CMEC with the delegation headed by Ma Xuexia, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Party Work Committee and Deputy Director of Yinchuan FTZ Administration Committee.
Zhang, first of all, warmly welcomed the delegation, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Yinchuan Free Trade Zone, particularly Ma, for her assistance and supports to CMEC in the process of the construction and operation of the Silk Road International Cooperation Park (Phase 1.1).

Zhang pointed out that, through three years of business practices, CMEC Silk Road International Cooperation Park has driven the innovation and development of CMEC’s trade model and reflected the special support role of the CMEC platform in the scale development of Yinchuan Free Trade Zone, as is evidenced by the successful construction and operations of Silk Road International Cooperation Park (Phase 1.1).
Zhang said that the construction and operation of CMEC Silk Road International Cooperation Park (Phase 1.1) is merely a start point of CMEC’s business operations in Yinchuan and even the whole Ningxia and CMEC will submit materials related to the Silk Road International Cooperation Park (Phase 1.2) for approval as soon as possible in accordance with its procedures for reviewing investment projects. He sincerely hoped that Yinchuan Free Trade Zone continues to support local development of CMEC and go all out to support the construction and operation of CMEC Silk Road International Cooperation Park in terms of supporting policy-based subsidies and auxiliary facilities. Meanwhile, he expected to revisit Yinchuan in the future and discuss with Yinchuan Free Trade Zone on carrying out further cooperation for reciprocity and mutual benefits.
Meanwhile, Zhang put forward new requirements on CMEC Yinchuan Company, namely, the company shall gain returns by relying on the platform of the Silk Road International Cooperation Park, and, more importantly, make innovations in mode of trade and drive new growth of its trade business. The company needs to make use of the industrial policies of the FTZ, make industrial deployments of Silk Road International Cooperation Park in advance, and foster its major business and special businesses. CMEC will give full support to the implementation of its scientific & technological incubation projects including the UAV project in Yinchuan, and support to align with its agricultural deep processing projects in Kazakhstan and Ukraine by making use of bonded processing of the FTZ.
Ma said that she was very thankful to Zhang for his reception during the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in spite of his tight schedule. She said that the successful construction, operation and business practices of CMEC Silk Road International Cooperation Park (Phase 1.1) fully demonstrate that decision made by CMEC leaders on making business deployments in Ningxia is correct. The investment of CMEC in Yinchuan FTZ and the operation of the Silk Road International Cooperation Park have promoted the opening-up of the FTZ and Ningxia. CMEC completed the construction of the project within two years while ensuring its normal operations, showing its great capabilities and high efficiency. Particularly, it is worth mentioning that CMEC started from scratch with its new fur industrial chain in Yinchuan and has made breakthroughs in the whole chain of bonded logistics, processing and export of fur. Ma, on behalf of Yinchuan FTZ, thanked CMEC, which as an enterprise directly under the central government plays a driving role in the development of the FTZ and Yinchuan, and spoke highly of the work of CMEC Yinchuan Company.
Ma said that Yinchuan FTZ as well as leaders of the governments of Yinchuan and Ningxia attaches great importance and fully supports the development of CMEC in Yinchuan and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and will actively create conditions to assist CMEC in carrying out business operations in Yinchuan. At last, Ma sincerely invited Zhang to revisit Yinchuan as soon as possible.
Ma was accompanied by Yinchuan Free Trade Zone Administration Committee Assistant Director An Maolian and Yinchuan Free Trade Zone Economic & Trade and Investment Division Deputy Director Zhang Tao. Also present at the meeting were CMEC Vice President Zhang Jianguo and CMEC Yinchuan Company General Manager Huang Yuequan.