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Angola's New Minister of Transport Inspects Luanda Railway Construction Project

Release time:2018-07-28 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On July 28, Ricardo de Abreu, Angola's new minister of transport, and his entourage inspected the Bungo-Baia double-track construction project of Luanda Railway, which was built by our company. Accompanied by the project site manager and the director of Luanda Railway Bureau, the minister of transport and his entourage took the train from the starting station Bungo and inspected the construction of double-track line along the way. 

The minister was very concerned about the project, detailedly inquired about the progress, expressed satisfaction with the project progress and construction quality, and fully affirmed the project implementation capability and professionalism of CMEC. Several media including Jornal de Angola collected and edited information and made reporting throughout the process. 
Prior to this, the phase I of Angola's Luanda Railway, which was constructed by our company, was put into operation in 2007. The double-track project is to add a new line of a total length of 36 kilometers based on the phase-I project. This project was officially started in July 2017 and is expected to be completed on schedule in early 2019. After the completion of the project, the railway transportation capacity of Luanda City will increase to four times the existing capacity, which will greatly improve the transportation and public traffic of Luanda City. This project will become an important business card of CMEC in Angola.