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CMEC Releases its 5th CSR Report

Release time:2018-07-26 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On July 25, CMEC officially released its 2017 CSR Report of China Machinery Engineering Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”). It is a CSR report released by CMEC for a fifth straight year. The report has two versions (Chinese and English), and is released in two forms (paper and online), for stakeholders to make reference. Themed with “Contribution to the World with Responsibility”, the report introduces the achievements of CMEC in 2017 in terms of responsibility, economic growth, partnership for win-win results, employee development, safety and environmental protection, and community harmony. 

2017 is the last year of CMEC’s five-year development strategy and the 5th year that CMEC formulates its CSR report. Over the past five years, by centering on its vision of “to be a world-leading international engineering contractor and services provider”, CMEC has implemented the strategy of innovation-driven development and sustained steady and sound development. In 2017, CMEC kept building its capability of performing social responsibilities and improving its social responsibility management, worked actively to explore the practices of overseas fulfillment of responsibilities, and became a pioneer in performing social responsibilities overseas. In 2017, CMEC won the honors below: “GoldenBee Excellent CSR Report 2017 – Evergreen Award” issued by China WTO Tribune, “Most Influential Chinese Green Enterprise 2017” issued by the 4th China Green Development and Ecological Conservation, and “2017 China Overseas Sustainable Infrastructure Project Award” issued by China International Contractors Association (CHINCA).
CSR report is an important tool for an enterprise to demonstrate its vision, practices and effects of fulfillment of responsibilities. The CSR report of CMEC for 2017 has made the following improvements and innovations on the basis of the basic framework of previous CSR reports: 
I. The CSR Report is in strict conformance to the requirements of the ESG Reporting Guide of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd.
(SEHK), and its indexes are disclosed in a more formal way. SEHK put forward clear requirements in the consultation summary file of the ESG Reporting Guide issued on December 21, 2015: the 11 descriptions about environmental and social policies and practices shall take effect in the fiscal year starting from January 1, 2016 or later, the disclosure of environment-related key performance indicators shall take effect in the fiscal year starting from January 1, 2017 or later, and raise the CSR report to the level of “explain information that is not disclosed”. In the compilation process of this CSR Report, CMEC, in accordance with the regulations of SEHK and its actual situation, gave answers in different chapters and sections of the report, and disclosed the indicators systematically in the performance part on the basis of the building of the head office of CMEC. In addition, similar to previous CSR reports of CMEC, the last part of this CSR report is added with ESG indicator indexes, so as to assist the stakeholders in learning about the disclosure of its indicators more rapidly.
II. Compared with previous CSR reports of CMEC, this CSR report has more concrete contents.
In terms of structure, the tier-1 contents of the CSR Report are consistent with that of CSR Report 2016, namely, the CSR report consists of the following six sections: Q&A with Leaders, Features on Responsibility, About Us, Responsibility Management, Responsibility Practices, and Appendix. Specifically, the “Features on Responsibility” listed three more highlight projects than that of the CSR Report 2016. Responsibility Practices, as the main part of the CSR report, consists of five chapters, with an overall structure of the contents that is similar with that of the CSR Report 2016. In terms of report content, on the basis of complying strictly with relevant requirements of SASAC and SEHK, as well as the highlights of CMEC in 2017, the CSR report is designed and edited by focusing on CSR practices and on the basis of extensive solicitation for public opinions. The five chapters of “Responsibility Practices” use cases of several representative projects to introduce CMEC’s actions and performance of fulfillment of responsibilities in terms of economic growth, partnership for win-win results, employee development, safety and environmental protection, and community harmony, etc., further raising substantiality of the report. 
III. Innovative design style for better readability 
The front cover of the CSR report features “CMEC” (the English abbreviation of the company) that is formed vividly by simple and elegant lines, while the use of the font highlights the integration between human and nature. The integration of the above concepts into “CMEC” further highlights CMEC’s idea of and aspiration for sustainable development. The CSR Report, in 95% of its space, uses cases, pictures and logic diagrams to vividly display CMEC’s responsibility management practices and performance in relevant fields, in over 50% of its space, uses big data, tables and bar graphs to showcase the operating and management results of the company, not only effectively increasing its readability, but also facilitating further communications and application after its issuance.
Social responsibility is the call of our era for the development of modern enterprises, and an important embodiment of the core values and competitiveness of modern enterprises. The issuance of CSR report has been increasingly regularized and become a mainstream practice in the world. CSR report not only serves as an important tool for communicating with stakeholders including investor and shareholder, but also is of great significance to improving internal operations and achieving long-term development of enterprise. In the future, CMEC will continue to release its CSR report annually, and establish a regular information disclosure mechanism for performing responsibilities for its stakeholders. Meanwhile, CMEC will keep improving the level of report compilation, make further innovations in report presentation and communications, and make CSR report a bridge between CMEC and internal/external stakeholders. At last, CMEC plans to, in line with the requirements on ESG disclosure, keep improving its management of and statistics about various indicators, promote the integration of CSR work into its business operations via CSR report formulation, and fully enhance its capability of sustainable development.