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President Zhou Yamin Inspects Belgrano Freight Railway Reconstruction Project Site

Release time:2018-07-24 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On July 21, a delegation headed by President Zhou Yamin, inspected the civil construction and overhaul site of the Belgrano freight railway reconstruction project in Chaco, more than 1,000km away from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Zhou listened to the reports made by local subcontractor BTU and civil construction company on the progress and construction procedures of and measures for onsite safety and management of the project. After that, the delegation visited the railway construction site to inspect the track panel assembly operation, large-machine tamping operation and the constructed meter-gauge railway. Zhou stressed that CMEC shall place equal emphasis on quality and progress of the civil construction of the project, and make best use of Chinese capital to make contributions to railway upgrading and reconstruction of Argentina and the economic development of the northern region of the country.

On July 23, the delegation went to the Allianza locomotive test station in a suburb 50km away from Buenos Aires, and made a field inspection on the broad-gauge locomotives that are supplied by CMEC, as well as ore hopper cars, flatcars, and open wagons, which are also supplied by CMEC and have been put into commercial operation. Zhou inquired carefully about the quality and operating conditions of the locomotives that have been put into operation, as well as the conditions of locomotives that are being adjusted. At last, Zhou boarded a locomotive and entered the cab to check the driver status monitoring system, requiring the engineers who were testing the system and the project office’s leaders who were present at the site to make preparations for providing technical supports and after-sales services, so as to establish the brand of CMEC in Argentina and build a positive image of Chinese products and services in the country. 
The implementation of the project means the overall enhancement of railway equipments, and, more importantly, the enhancement of the railway transport capacity of Argentina, significantly increasing the competitive advantages of agricultural product export of the country.