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Cameroonian LEKIE Government Presents Honorary Citizen Award to SINOMACH

Release time:2018-05-26 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On May 25, a ceremony was held in the LEKIE Province, Cameroon, presenting the award of Honorary Citizen to SIMOMACH, in recognition of its outstanding contributions to local development by building the Sanaga drinking water treatment plant in Yaounde and developing auxiliary engineering projects of the plant. Present at the ceremony were the governor of LEKIE province, mayor of SA'A city, local grand sheikh and community leaders, and Wei Shengzi, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Cameroon, and others. 

The contract on the water treatment plant and its auxiliary projects (the Project) is signed by SINOMACH and performed by CMEC. The Project is mostly located in the LEKIE province. The governor of LEKIE province made a speech, mentioning that SINOMACH has solved the problem of drinking water supply for local residents, aided community organizations for several times during the performance of the Project, and organized activities of charity clinics for local residents, making outstanding contributions to the common development of SINOMACH and local residents. Wei highly appreciated the ceremony and saying that it is a very successful activity for establishing a positive image of Chinese enterprises including SINOMACH in Cameroon. Afterwards, the governor and the grand sheikh presented a medal and traditional Cameroonian gifts to SINOMACH.
The project office, on behalf of SINOMACH, thanked the provincial government of LEKIE for its persistent support, donated desks, chairs, schoolbags, trash cans, and tricycles to the local government, and invited doctors of the Chinese medical team to provide local residents with free clinical services and medicines.