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Party Secretary Han Xiaojun Investigates Thar Coal-fired Power Project in Pakistan

Release time:2018-04-18 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On April 16 and 17, Han Xiaojun, Party Secretary of CMEC, conducted an on-site investigation of Thar Block-II Coal-fired Power Project in Pakistan after attending the ceremony in celebration of the first generating unit of Pakistan’s N-J Hydropower Project being connected to the grid and put into operation.

At the sites of the power station and coal-mine projects, Mr. Han held two discussions respectively to listen to the progress of these projects and Party building and solicit opinions and advice from the working staff. He stressed that these sites are at the peak of the construction period and the number of on-site employees reaches nearly 5,000. First, we need to always pay attention to the ideological trend of employees, strengthen ideological building, achieve common understanding, and work together to speed up the construction progress. Second, we must focus on the safety management by strengthening the implementation of rules and regulations, putting in place technical measures, carrying out risk classification control, fulfilling our due responsibilities and preventing hidden dangers, and work to conduct the civilized construction, environmental protection, and occupational health management. Third, we need to strengthen the communication between the construction staff at all levels and the property owner and pay attention to the organic integration of good exchanges of managerial experience of China and Pakistan with different cultures. Fourth, we must improve Party conduct, promote the innovation of Party building, and ensure a clean corporate governance system. The united Party branch of Thar project, one of the first batches of grass-roots demonstration Party branches of central enterprises, needs to cherish the honour, create new models, platforms and means for the work of the Party branch to promote the project construction in the future. The Party branch not only becomes a fortress of overcoming difficulties but also builds the construction team into a clean and honest one.
During this period, Mr. Han Xiaojun awarded the flag of “youth shock brigade” to Thar Mining and Power Project Division and participated in the flag-raising ceremony and tree planting celebrating the second anniversary of the commencement of Thar coal-mine project. Also, Han inspected the project site, camp life, and activity room for Party members and visited a small bazaar at the staff’s camp of Thar power station and the “ecological park” of Thar Coal Mine.