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Party Secretary Han Xiaojun Awards the Flag of Youth Shock Brigade to Thar Power Station Project

Release time:2018-04-17 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the afternoon of April 16, Party Secretary Han Xiaojun awarded the flag to three youth shock brigades at the flat-awarding ceremony of the united Party branch of Thar Power Station Project.

According to current nodes and difficulties of the project, the united Party branch decided to set up three youth shock brigades in charge of inverse power transmission, drainage water treatment and water production, and traffic safety of coal transportation system. Tao Zhenbiao, head of a brigade, on behalf of the three brigades of Thar Power Station Project, made a statement and led the oath. 
On behalf of CMEC’s Party committee, Party Secretary Han Xiaojun congratulated the three brigades on their establishment and, on behalf of Chairman Zhang Chun and President Zhou Yamin, expressed greetings to all the staff.
He stressed that we set up three young shock brigades to resolve to accomplish the project with an unyielding spirit. All members of the brigades must overcome difficulties to shoulder responsibilities and fulfil duties, in a bid to succeed in all goals of the project. The brigades need to withstand the desert, high temperature, and loneliness, ensure safety, quality, and progress of construction as well as those milestones of the project are completed on schedule. All members would devote their youth to the Pakistan-based project.
He pointed out that, in 2017, the united Party branch of Thar Project was named the grass-roots demonstration Party branch of central enterprises in the first batch by the Party Committee of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) under the State Council, which is the honour of the Thar Project, CMEC, and SINOMACH. The youth shock brigades are an important force to build a demonstration Party branch, bursting with youthful vitality.
The project site is located in the Thar Desert, 450 km east of Karachi, Pakistan. Started the commencement on April 14, 2016, nearly 800 days and nights have witnessed the high temperature of 60 Celsius degree, ruthless heatwave, flying yellow sand, hidden scorpions, lurking snakes... The one-way trip would take seven or eight hours from Karachi to the project site. All living materials are transported from Karachi. The shortage of local personnel was compounded by an unprecedented rainy season in 2017...
The two boilers of the Thar Power Station project are in the critical process of hydrostatic testing. In the next step, the project will face the system installation and debugging of inverse power transmission and drainage water treatment, and civil construction and traffic safety of coal transportation system. In order to accomplish the project, 3210 staff members (including 1786 Chinese employees and 1424 Pakistani ones) devote themselves to the construction of Thar Power Station.