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SINOMACH Chairman Ren Hongbin Witnesses the Signing of CMEC-Siping Cooperation Agreement

Release time:2018-04-18 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On April 17, SINOMACH Chairman Ren Hongbin witnessed the signing of the Cooperation Framework Agreement on the Construction of the Industrial Park Project for Corn Deep Processing by Zhang Chun, Chairman of CMEC, and Zhang Kaiming, Executive Vice Mayor of Siping, Jilin province, during the symposium themed “Central Enterprises Revitalize the Economy of Northeast China and Build a Beautiful Jilin”.  

The industrial park project is developed jointly by China National Complete Engineering Corporation (CCEC) and Tiancheng Group, which aims to make investments in modern agricultural engineering projects by making full use of two markets and two resources. The project will develop a range of products with highly-added value to boost the economic development of Jilin province.
After the signing of the agreement, Chairman Zhang Chun, accompanied by Han Fuchun, Party Secretary of Siping, visited Siping to conduct a fact-finding investigation of site selection and planning of corn deep-processing industrial park and have a full understanding of Tiancheng Group Industrial Park and related equipment and products.
After the investigation, the two sides held a project communication meeting. Chairman Zhang Chun pointed out that, as a central enterprise, CMEC has the responsibility for the economic revitalization of northeast China. CMEC will take the framework agreement as a starting point to utilize the advantages of the project to promote the development of CMEC’s agricultural division and facilitate the transformation of the deep processing industry for farm produce. Party Secretary Han Fuchun said that Siping applauds CMEC’s investments in Siping. The cooperation between CCEC and Tiancheng Group in the industrial park for corn deep-processing has initiated the cooperation between CMEC and Siping. Siping Municipal Party Committee and Government will create a favourable investment environment, hope to keep expanding the area of cooperation, and utilize various resources and market advantages, in an effort to seek new agricultural cooperation in a wide range of all-round, high-level fields. Zhang Zhiliang, Assistant to President, attended the above activities.