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Party Secretary Xiaojun Han Visited Jing Yao, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan

Release time:2018-04-15 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

In the afternoon of April 14th, Xiaojun Han, Secretary of the Party Committee, and his delegation visited Jing Yao, a Chinese Ambassador from Chinese Embassy in Pakistan. Yili Wang, President’s assistant, and relevant personnel accompanied Mr. Han during the visit. 

Mr. Han announced the purposes of his visit, which included firstly, to attend grid-connected power generation ceremony of the first NJ hydroelectric machine and the handover ceremony of CMEC China-Pakistan Friends Middle School; secondly, to know about progress of research agencies in party building of Pakistan projects. Mr. Yao has clear understanding about CMEC projects in Pakistan. NJ project was driven by him in 2008 when he was a political counselor in the embassy. Besides, he introduced general statue quo of politics and economy in Pakistan as well as project implementation of China–Pakistan Economic Corridor. In terms of specific NJ-related affairs, Mr. Yao stated he would continue to focus on and help with them. On top of this, Mr. Yao said the embassy would strengthen its communication with CMEC in party building process given that CMEC is the first central state-owned enterprise with Party Building Quality Management System Certification and Thar is the first base model of party branch of central state-owned enterprises. The meeting lasted for about 50 minutes and finished in honesty and friendliness.