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CMEC’s Main Leaders Inspect Headquarters Office Building Project before Spring Festival

Release time:2018-02-12 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-
On the afternoon of February 11, Chairman and Deputy Party Secretary Zhang Chun, Party Secretary Han Xiaojun, and President Zhou Yamin came to the site of Headquarters Office Building Project, inspected the prototype room with refined decoration, checked up and gave instructions to work safety, and greeted on-site workers.
The three main leaders carefully examined the design style, materials, and construction details of the prototype room at the project site and had a detailed understanding of the space of each area, selected materials, and processing technology. After careful examination, Chairman Zhang stressed that the Project Department of Headquarters Office Building should further improve the decoration design and selected materials, pay attention to the overall color tone, scrutinize the details, and create a quality project. The leaders encouraged the Project Department to make further efforts to complete the construction task of the Headquarters Office Building as soon as possible and do a good job in fire prevention and work safety of the project during the spring festival.
At the construction site, the leaders exchanged New Year greetings with staff workers and expressed thanks to builders sticking to their posts.