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2018 CMEC-Sinosure Meeting Held for Cooperation in Key Business

Release time:2018-02-10 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On February 7, Chairman Zhang Chun and President Zhou Yamin met with General Manager Wang Hua and his Assistant Wu Han of the Third Business Department of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (Sinosure). The two sides had friendly talks in No.1 Conference Room on the 14th floor.

At the meeting, the Investment and Financing Department made a report to the leaders of both sides on projects to be underwritten in 2018 by project maturity, describing the latest progress of these projects, the difficulties in project implementation, and the problems to be solved with the assistance of Sinosure.

Chairman Zhang Chun and President Zhou Yamin listened to the report, presenting ideas and plans for effectively driving the project process. After saying that Sinosure will continue to support CMEC as always, General Manager Wang Hua briefed about risk identification policies and new underwriting policies at project sites. Both sides discussed the formulation of a financing plan and the achievement of key nodes. In view of the difficulties encountered in each project, they developed practical and feasible solutions and identified priority areas of work at the next stage.

Finally, Chairman Zhang Chun gave closing remarks, where he expressed his gratitude to Sinosure for its strong support in facilitating the financing process and prospected the future of commercial loans. He communicated with General Manager Wang Hua and his delegation on the progress of investment business.

The meeting, through in-depth discussions and close cooperation between the leaders of the two companies, improved the maturity of projects to be insured in 2018. Both sides studied and formulated the work plan suitable for current projects, clarified specific matters to be implemented, and consolidated the cooperative relationship between CMEC and Sinosure.

Zhang Zhiliang, Assistant to President, attended the meeting.