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VP Fang Yanshui Inspects Work Safety at Construction Site of Headquarters Office Building

Release time:2018-02-10 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the afternoon of February 8, Vice President Fang Yanshui, together with Wang Tianyi, Vice President and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, led an inspection team to enhance work safety at the construction site of Headquarters Office Building and greeted builders sticking to their posts.

At the project site, CMEC leaders and relevant personnel from the Workplace Safety Division and Security Department comprehensively inspected the Headquarters Office Building for work safety and inquired about the progress of the project in every aspect, pointing out what may threaten the safety of the construction site and how we ensure the workplace safety at this stage. They gave guidance to on-site workers and set out requirements for the safety of construction operations including curtain wall and refined decoration projects. The Project Department of Headquarters Office Building reported to VP Fang in detail the situation of work safety and security before and after the Spring Festival.
Fang fully affirmed the overall quality of all staff workers of the Project Department, expressed appreciation for what the construction department has done in awareness, system building and implementation strength of safety management, and reminded that hazards have been changing with the project progress at different phases. Mr. Fang emphasized that although curtain wall was completed and large-scale aerial work was reduced, we must prioritize the management of local aerial work without ignoring hazards. He also stressed that the Project Department must continuously step up efforts to implement the work safety system in a bid to identify and control risks, especially those arising from aerial work, temporary power, fire hazards, and falling objects. The Project Department, in accordance with related rules and regulations, must do a good job in work safety by continuing to consolidate and carry forward the experience and advantages of project safety management, and strive to realize the safety management goal of “zero accident” when the project is accomplished.

Vice President Wang Tianyi pointed out that, at the end of the year when the company was busy in all pieces of work, CMEC leadership gave high priority to work safety of Headquarters Office Building and inspected the work safety, requiring the Project Department to pay great attention to hidden dangers found in the inspection and work safety, and to implement the opinions and suggestions item by item made by Vice President Fang, the General Management Department and the Complete Plants Management Department. Especially before and after the Spring Festival and during the two sessions, staff workers in all participation units of the Project Department need to be ideologically and operationally consistent in work safety by eliminating small hazards according to the actual situation. Vice President Wang stressed that, in view of the large-scale construction after the Spring Festival, there are many adverse factors such as more cross operations, severe difficulties in construction management and decentralized worker management. He also required that the Project Department needs to increase investment in work safety management, make corresponding measures and plans in advance, carry out safety education and give safety tips to on-site workers at all levels; the Project Department also needs to make clear the detailed plan for further strengthening work safety management, so as to ensure that the work safety is continuously effective, with the safety system put in place and the project carried out smoothly.

A few days later, it will be the Spring Festival. CMEC’s leaders exchanged New Year greetings with staff workers of the Project Department and expressed festival greetings to builders sticking to their posts during the festival.