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CMEC Achieves Good Results in the 4th “Harmonious SINOMACH” Table Tennis & Badminton Game

Release time:2018-01-02 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the afternoon of September 28, after four days of fierce competitions, the 4th “Harmonious SINOMACH” Employee Table Tennis & Badminton Game was wrapped up. SINOMACH Party Secretary Shi Ke, Vice President Sun Derun and Vice President Liu Jingzhen presented awards for the winners. CMEC badminton team fought hard and defeated all other teams, winning the championship for the first time and setting a new milestone in the history of CMEC. CMEC table tennis team fought hard and ultimately secured the fifth place, which was the best result that the table tennis team had ever made. The CMEC flag bearer was in high spirit and the dance team bubbled with enthusiasm, giving everyone present at the site a lasting memory. The CMEC EXPO team took a down-to-earth attitude, won high praises for its professional services and helped offer a large-scale and happy feast of SINOMACH. CMEC players made great achievements, won honors for CMEC and established profound friendship with other teams. Thanks to their persistent efforts, the two teams, under the leadership of the badminton association and the table tennis association of CMEC, got an ample reward in the game.