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CMEC and Tsinghua University Sign Agreement to Build Overseas Field Practice Base for Postgraduate Students

Release time:2017-12-26 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the morning of December 25, CMEC entered into an agreement with Tsinghua University on the collaborative overseas field practice base for postgraduate students, an effort to enhance CMEC’s appeal to Tsinghua graduates and help address technical and managerial challenges encountered by overseas projects. President Zhang Chun, Vice Chairman of Tsinghua University Council Shi Zongkai and other executives attended the contract signing ceremony and the following seminar.

At the meeting, Bai Benfeng, head of the Postgraduate Students’ Affairs Department of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University, first introduced Tsinghua’s past and current overseas field practice projects for postgraduate students, its philosophy of cultivating postgraduate students through field practice, and its goal of engaging postgraduate students in overseas practices, international and national key engineering projects, cutting-edge cross-disciplinary sectors and industries with local characteristics, community-level projects, and the high ground of innovation and entrepreneurship. He looked forward to establishing sustainable, in-depth partnership with CMEC, and giving more Tsinghua students the opportunity to serve the Belt and Road Initiative.

General Manager Zhang Chun, a Tsinghua graduate himself, thanked the alma mater for the education he received, and shared the stories of some outstanding Tsinghua alumni in CMEC. He went on to introduce the CMEC’s history and its achievements in going global and serving the Belt and Road Initiative. He hoped that Tsinghua’s postgraduate students would take the opportunity to fuel CMEC’s corporate development and carry forward Tsinghua’s spirit. He promised to address issues of common concern, work out the details of the partnership, and assign dedicated personnel to ensure the safety of and logistics services for participating students, and hoped that the partnership would benefit participating students and facilitate their personal growth.

Mr. Shi Zongkai appreciated CMEC’s efforts in building the overseas field practice base for Tsinghua’s postgraduate students. He illustrated the importance of field practice in Belt and Road countries and regions for postgraduate students to understand what’s going on in the world. He hoped that more students would have the opportunity to broaden the horizon, find their mission and positioning, and tackle practical issues through overseas practice.

After the seminar, in the witness of General Manager Zhang and Mr. Shi, the Agreement on Collaborative Construction of the Overseas Field Practice Pilot Base for Postgraduate Students was signed by HR Manager Li Changxin on behalf of CMEC and Bai Benfeng on behalf of Tsinghua University.