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Wang Yili Meets with Iraqi Electricity Ministry Delegation

Release time:2017-12-23 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the afternoon of December 22, Assistant General Manager Wang Yili received the visiting delegation of Iraqi Ministry of Electricity at the corporate headquarters.

To begin with, head of the thermal power division of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity thanked CMEC employees who were still working in Iraq despite the disturbing security situation, especially those at the project site in Salah-Aldeen and Baghdad. The Iraqi delegation hoped the Salah-Aldeen power plant project would resume work as soon as possible and promised to do their best to protect the safety of Chinese workers. Mr. Wang welcomed the guests and agreed to gradually resume the work at the project site in Salah-Aldeen when it’s safe enough. Both sides also expressed the wish to tighten cooperation in post-war reconstruction in Iraq.