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The 115kV Muang Phin-Saravan Power Transmission and Distribution Project in Laos eliminated all defects during the warrantyperiod, and obtained the Performance Certificate issued by Laos Electric Power Company (EDL) on September 28, 2017 local time. This marked that the project was officially completed.

Laoss Muang Phin-Saravan Power Transmission and Distribution Project has been the first EPC project of CMECs Complete Plants Division in Laos in recent years. The project includes one 115kV power transmission line and extension of two substations at both ends of the line, with the duration lasting for 24 months. The project commenced in April 2015 and received a temporary transfer certificate in September 2016. It was completed six months ahead of schedule stipulated in the contract. In April 2017, EDL awarded the project department a certificate of merit to thank CMEC for its ingenuity, preciseness, and diligence in the implementation of the Muang Phin project. The successful implementation of the project added a new market and growth points for CMEC in Southeast Asia.