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The autumn rain ceased in the flourishing ancient city of Xi'an, and people in Weiyang District were refreshed by the cool breeze. On September 28, a groundbreaking ceremony was held forSINOMACHCMEC Western R&D Center invested by CMEC and built by China JIKAN Institute of Engineering Investigation and Design Co., Ltd. (JK Institute).

The ceremony brought together CMEC Chairman Sun Bai, President Zhang Chun, CFO Zhou Yamin, Vice President Zhang Wei and Vice Mayor Qiang Xiaoan of Xi'an City, Weiyang District Party Secretary Wang Wenzhan, District Deputy Party Secretary and Chief Liang Wanqing and other government leaders as well as more than 200 representatives from all units engaged in the survey, design, construction, supervision and management of the project. Party Secretary Huang Yuming of JK Institute hosted the groundbreaking ceremony.

At the ceremony, President Zhang Chun delivered a speech. He pointed out that SINOMACHCMEC Western R&D Center, the fifth CMEC square after CMEC built its squares in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Changsha, is the strategic bridgehead of CMEC responding to the Belt and Road Initiative and vigorously expanding the market in western China and Central Asia and the important initiative of CMEC laying out domestic and foreign markets and creating a strategic platform for design and consulting. The project was kicked off to lay a solid foundation for JK Institute to accomplish its strategic goal of "creating an international sci-tech engineering company." He also hoped that JK Institute and construction units, from a strategic perspective, would work to develop the project into a quality, highlight and green one underpinned by advanced design philosophy, leading project management, superb construction technology, and guaranteed quality and safety by following the principle of high starting point, high standards and high quality, green projects, so that CMEC could fulfill the mission of "establishing the bridgehead of Central and Western Asia by keeping a foothold in western China".

Zhang Wei, Vice President of CMEC and Chairman of JK Institute, expressed his sincere gratitude to the local government and relevant departments for their high priority to and caring for the project and for creating favorable conditions for the project construction in his speech. He also thanked CMEC Headquarters for its strong support and careful guidance for the steady progress of the project. He promised to smoothly complete the best-quality project construction at the fastest pace as a way to initiate new glorious chapter for SINOMACH and CMEC, comprehensively boost the development of JK Institute, and make new contributions to Shaanxi in overtaking other economically powerful provinces.

Liang Wanqing, Deputy Party Secretary and Chief of Weiyang District, said on behalf of the local government that SINOMACHCMEC Western R&D Center is the key construction project approved by Shaanxi Provincial Government, Xian Municipal Government, and SINOMACH in the activity of central enterprises settling in Xian, Shaanxi Province.” The CPC Committee and Government of Weiyang District would continue to promote the "administrative efficiency revolution,” pay close attention to the "three environments,” and create a favorable investment environment for SINOMACH, CMEC, and other central enterprises. By doing so, we could ensure the smooth progress of the project construction and depict a beautiful blueprint for Weiyang District.

Afterward, Xue Gang, Chief Engineer of China Construction First Building (Group) Corporation Limited, and Zhang Tieming, Chairman of Beijing Scientech International Project Management Co., Ltd., delivered speeches on behalf of EPC units and supervisory ones, saying that they would efficiently complete a high-quality project to hand in a perfect answer sheet.”

Finally, Chairman Sun Bai, in a wave of warm applause, announced the commencement of construction of SINOMACHCMEC Western R&D CenterLeaders went up onto the platform and pressed a crystal ball, symbolizing the start of the project. The project of SINOMACHCMEC Western R&D Center developed towards a new construction climax from now on.