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Chairman Sun Bai Attends China-Arab States Expo

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During September 6-9, China-Arab States Expo 2017 was held in Yinchuan, NingxiaHui Autonomous RegionCMEC Chairman Sun Bai was invited to attend the opening ceremony and relevant activities of the expo.

At the opening ceremony, CMEC Yinchuan Company General Manager Huang Yuequanbriefed the guests including Sun on CMEC’s booth at the exhibition area for infrastructure and capacity cooperation and the company’s cooperation with Ningxia. Especiallythe projects including CMEC-invested Silk Road International Cooperative Project at Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zoneas well as business operations of CMEC Middle East Regional CenterCMEC EasyTrade and construction machineries attracted extensive attention.

During September 6-7Sun attended the China-Arab States Business Summit 2017 & The 7th Session of the Arab Chinese Businessmen Conference of China-Arab StatesCooperation Forum themed with Innovate the Cooperation Model and Promote Coordinate Development and made a keynote speech at the International Industrial Capacity Cooperation Forum and Overseas Investment and Promotion Conference.

On September 8, the delegation headed by Sun made an official visit to Zhang Chaochao, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional Committee and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regional CommitteeZhang thanked CMEC for making investments in Ningxia and hoped CMEC to continue to provide the autonomous region with supports and assistance and make more investments in ethnic minority areas. He said that the government will continue as always to provide CMEC with the best business environments and policy supports for making investments in NingxiaSun pledged that CMEC will give full play to its advantages to makegreater contributions to local economic and social development on the basis of local needs for export-oriented economic development.

On the day, the delegation visited Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Area, Sun was satisfied with the project progress and encouraged construction personnel to make persistent efforts to fulfill the tasks on schedule and in accordance with the requirements on quality and quantityAfter that, Sun talked with leaders of the comprehensive bonded area and employees of CMEC Yinchuan Company, and thanked the comprehensive bonded area for its supports to the cooperative project of the Silk Road International Park and business operations of CMEC Yinchuan Company in the past year. He promised that CMEC will continue to give full support to its investment and business operations in Yinchuan, and urged the employees of CMEC Yinchuan Company to free up their mind and work together to break new ground, make good use of the resources and policies provided by CMEC and local governments, andgo all out to promote business operations of CMEC in Ningxia.

During the forum, Sun was received by Secretary of CPC Ningxia Committee Shi Taifeng and Chairwoman of Ningxia Xian Hui together with the leaders of other companiesdirectly under the central government, and talked with Bai Shangcheng, Head of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Ningxia Committee and Mayor of Yinchuan and Omani Industrial Park Chairman Yehia Said Algia Billy.

Entrusted by Sun, CMEC General Manager Huang Yuequan met with Guinean President Alpha Conde, CMEC Middle East Company Deputy General Manger Ma Chi held talks withthe heads of the delegations from relevant countries and regions including the delegations from the Jordanian Ministry of Transport, the Moroccan Railway Administration and the Egyptian Railway Administration.