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Gomel Thermal Plant Innovation Project Passes 72-hour Stability Test

Release time:2017-07-25 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

At 18:48 July 24 local time, the Belarusian Gomel No.1 Thermal Plant Innovation Project has successfully passed the 72-hour stability test.

It is CMEC’s first renovation project by using the loan from the World Bank. All persons of the project office and participant construction units involved in the project worked hard and made concerted efforts to conduct the hydraulic boiler set test, gas turbine ignition test, gas turbine connection and steam turbine impulse starting, in spit of the difficulties of short construction period, prolonged equipment certification, space constraints, complicated connections at the old plants and unclear conditions of underground pipelines.

The project office will make persistent efforts to complete the performance test and overall handover of the project as early as possible.