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CMEC Wins Title of Leading Company of 2018 CSR Performance Evaluation Again

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On June 7, the 9th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (the “forum”), co-hosted by China International Contractors Association (CICA) and Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, was held in Macao. During the conference, the results of the “2018 CSR Performance Evaluation of Chinese International Contractors” were announced. CMEC was honoured with the title of Leading Company again.

For a long time, CMEC has always adhered to the social responsibility concept of “serving as a responsible enterprise making contributions to the world.” It has practised social responsibilities in overseas operations, advanced localized operations, and strived to create great brands that are more responsible and meet the expectations and demands of stakeholders and future generations, so as to make more heart-to-heart contacts. As such, CMEC was awarded the “Leading Company of the 2015 CSR Performance Evaluation of Chinese International Contractors” organised by CICA.

In recent years, CMEC has actively responded to and implemented the “Belt and Road” Initiative. It has developed markets along the “Belt and Road.” In addition to the considerable progress in the scale and number of projects, CMEC stated that it is necessary to pay attention to innovation at all levels of projects. We must give high priority to social benefits that the projects can bring about, drive the growth through innovation, and create brands with responsibilities. Regarding engineering construction, CMEC has persevered in the concept of “completing a project and achieving a milestone.” Underpinned by the quality of projects, CMEC will strengthen the quality as a long-term mission and work to create the long-term and sustainable engineering value ​​for customers. In terms of environmental protection, CMEC has borne in mind the responsibility concept of green development and always integrated the concept of environmental protection into the entire process of business operations, so as to do its utmost to reduce the potential impacts on the environment of business-related areas. With regard to HSE, CMEC has followed the responsibility concept of centring on the people and loving our life. It has always been committed to promoting the physical and mental health of its employees and continued to extend HSE services. In communities, CMEC has insisted on the responsibility concept of taking root in and giving back to the society. While offering products and services, CMEC has attached much importance to the overall interest of the society, invested in local economic development, and engaged in public welfare undertakings to benefit local communities and local people. By doing so, it has worked to serve as an outstanding corporate citizen.

As the first-class and world-renowned engineering contractor and service provider in China, CMEC has always led the company with the concept of social responsibilities to strive to achieve common development with all its stakeholders and ensure that all projects maximize the results of economic development and environmental protection and build more harmonious community relations.

The evaluation aims to conduct a comprehensive assessment of member units in their performance of overseas social responsibility. It is an important part of CICA to promote the social responsibility continuously in the industry. Since 2012, CICA has held four performance evaluations and attracted more than 150 enterprises/times. The forum themed “New Growth Drivers for Better Infrastructure and Closer Connectivity” held discussions on how to promote infrastructure construction and interconnection of the “Belt and Road” initiative by facilitating the transformation of new and old drivers through innovation, technological changes, and model changes. The forum brought together more than 1,800 representatives from all walks of life from 66 countries and regions.