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CMEC Wins Remote Healthcare Award

Release time:2018-05-18 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

At 20:00PM May 17, 2018, the United States, the International SOS Foundation held the Duty of Care Summit & Awards at the Palmer Hilton Hotel, Chicago. After fierce competitions, CMEC stood out from 13 companies from all over the world and became the only Chinese firm winning the award of “Remote Healthcare”.

The success was hard earned. In the face of the fierce competitions from global companies such as Exxon Corporation and Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd., CMEC won the award for its outstanding performance in the Combined Cycle Power Plant Project in Soyo, Angola, in the aspect of remote healthcare.

To address the risks of yellow fever and cholera in Angola, the project team of the ongoing SOYO I Combined Cycle Power Plant, by fully leveraging internal and external resources, has developed a CMEC-led HSE system with participation of all employees through detailed contrast of and analyses on various plans, won support from the International SOS Foundation for healthcare services, and built an integrated system for employee care and support. It has established an onsite clinic with the help of the International SOS Foundation, providing daily healthcare services and maintaining 24-hour uninterrupted contacts with the South Africa Aid Center of the International SOS Foundation. The clinic provides local employees of CMEC and its subcontractors with free healthcare services. In addition, for the purpose of humanitarian care, the clinic provides other relevant parties such as project supervisors, GE engineers and local residents with assistance within the limit of its capabilities. Moreover, the onsite HSE team and doctors of the International SOS Foundation have carried out a series of activities so as to raise the employees’ awareness of health and occupational safety and enhance their capabilities of self-first aid and help.

The project is an epitome of CMEC in the aspect of “employee care”. By adhering to the view of corporate social responsibility of CMEC, namely “Contribute to the Globe with Responsibility in Mind”, the project team vividly demonstrates the purpose of CMEC (“Put People First and Care for Life”), is committed to promoting employees' physical and mental health, keeps extending occupational health services, expands employees’ responsibilities, spares no effort to save the life of employees of subcontractors, and effectively safeguards security and health of such stakeholders as employees, owners, and communities, etc.

The International SOS Foundation has begun to hold the Duty of Care Summit & Awards every year in different cities since 2012. Now the event has evolved into a world-class forum, aiming to pool together authoritative experts from all industries, provide overseas employees and travelers with a global platform for discussions and communications on risks and methods for risk prevention, and promote all-around deepening of the precautionary mechanism, thereby assuming the duty of caring for employees. Since the inception of the activity, it has attracted over 200 enterprises and organizations from 30 countries every year on average.

2018 Duty of Care Summit & Awards took place in Chicago, the United States. It is divided into the following nine categories, namely Communication, Resilient Care, Innovation, Thought Leadership, Remote Healthcare, Ambassador of Duty of Care (individual), Education, Aviation, and Sustainability, aiming to share the most advanced experience of different industries and evaluate best practices. It attracted nearly 35% more entries than that of the last year, representing companies and organizations of 59 industries across 42 countries.