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CMEC Wins “Overseas CSR Disclosure Award”

Release time:2016-12-02 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On December 1, winners of the Golden Bee Excellent CSR Report Award 2016 were announced at the 9th International Symposium on Corporate Social Responsibility in China. CMEC Social Responsibility Report 2015 topped the list, and won “Golden Bee Excellent CSR Report 2016 • Overseas CSR Disclosure Award”. This is the third consecutive year that CMEC has been conferred with the “Golden Bee Excellent CSR Report Award” since it started to release annual CSR reports.

It won the award for the following reasons: The report systematically discloses the achievements of CMEC in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative. It showcases CMEC’s strong belief, good practices and effective efforts in going global and being responsible in its overseas operations by elaborating on topics such as “Care for Overseas Employees”, “Emphasis on Overseas Security”, and “Localized Operation”. It presents Chinese enterprises’ contribution to global sustainable development and is a high-quality report that discloses information about our due diligence in overseas operation.

Evaluation for this award was conducted according to the “Golden Bee China CSR Report Assessment System 2016” (GBEE-CRAS2016) created by China WTO Tribune. It assessed the structural integrity, credibility, readability, innovation, content substantiality of 1,328 CSR reports out of total of 2,613 such reports released in the Chinese Mainland during the first ten months of 2016. This is the ninth Golden Bee list released in China and is one of the most authoritative and important CSR report list in the Chinese Mainland. Topping the list represents great recognition for CMEC’s fulfillment of its social responsibilities, as well as its iconic ways to fulfill them and the progress it has made in this aspect. CMEC thus, has established itself as a new model for social responsibility fulfillment by Chinese enterprises that undertake overseas projects.

The 9th International Symposium on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in China was co-organized by China WTO Tribune, China Business Council for Sustainable Development and CSR Center of the Swedish Embassy in China, etc. More than 300 guests from governmental agencies, enterprises, industry associations, research institutes and news media attended, and profoundly discussed and analyzed the latest development trends of global CSR reports, ways of corporate responsibility communication, value exploration of CSR reports, CSR disclosure ability of Chinese enterprises “going global”, responsibility communication, mass communication and other issues.