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CMEC Win GoldenBee Good Overseas CSR Practice

Release time:2016-06-08 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

The 11th Global Corporate Social Responsibility Forum: China and the 2015 GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll Unveiling Ceremony was held on June 6-7 in Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing.

On the 2015 GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll unveiling ceremony held on June 7, the CMEC won the GoldenBee Good Overseas CSR Practice for Bielizof Power Plant, a 427MW combined-cycle power project contracted by CMEC in Belarus.

During its international expansion, the CMEC actively explores the way of fulfilling overseas corporate social responsibility (CSR) and tries to rank among the best Chinese enterprises in this regard. Meanwhile, the CMEC’s CSR practice was included in the 2015 GoldenBee Competitive CSR Practice.

Having been released for eight consecutive years, the GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll is a non-profit evaluation activity initiated in 2007 by China WTO Tribune published by the Ministry of Commerce and participated in by Chinese enterprises on a voluntary basis, in order to encourage Chinese enterprises to fulfill their CSR. Excellent enterprises listed in the roll are announced after the evaluation. After six-month preparation, 364 organizations participated in the evaluation this year.

According to information, the Global Corporate Social Responsibility Forum: China this year was jointly sponsored by China WTO Tribune as well as the CSR Europe, Council For Better Corporate Citizenship (CBCC), Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), co-organized by Foreign Trade Association (FTA) and New Emerging Market Transnational Enterprises Sustainable Development Network, and supported by UNICEF and the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility of the Embassy of Sweden Beijing. With the theme of “Development driven by responsibility innovation”, and beingprofessional and international, it discussed and shared new topics, developments and tendencies concerning CSR in the world. The ninth GoldenBee CSR China Honor Roll was unveiled with the witness of 300 guests, including government officials, corporate representatives, experts and scholars as well as reporters.