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CMEC Wins Honors from SINOMACH

Release time:2020-01-09 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

At the its work meeting for 2020, SINOMACH commended its subsidiaries as well as 2016-2018 model workers and advanced groups which had achieved good results in terms of engineering service quality, scientific & technological innovation, safe production management, and domestic and overseas market development over the past year, in order to encourage them to make persistent efforts in their work in the future. CMEC received the following awards at the meeting:

Second Prize of the Science and Technology Award of SINOMACH, key technology of high-efficient SNPR for wastewater containing refractory organic compounds completed by China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., affiliated to CMEC, and application projects related to the technology;

Regional Collaboration Award for the Ukrainian Agricultural Market Collaboration Project of SINOMACH Overseas Regional Center implemented by China National Complete Engineering Corporation, a subsidiary affiliated to CMEC;

SINOMACH Quality Award Project Prize (project) for the construction and installation project of the Angolan SOYO I combined cycle power plant;

The honorary title of “SINOMACH Model Worker” for Ren Kailong, Vice General Manager of CMEC 3rd Complete Plant Division, CMEC Serbia Company General Manager and Vice Manager of Kostolac-B Coal Power Plant Serbia (Phase 2);

Angolan SOYO I combined cycle power plant project office received the honorary title of “Advanced Group of SINOMACH”.

The honorary titles of “SINOMACH Model Worker” and “SINOMACH Advanced Group” are awarded once every three years. Winners of such honorary titles are outstanding representatives of the employees of SINOMACH, who are devoted to their work, are bold in making innovation, have noble characters and have made remarkable achievements in the reform, development and Party building of SINOMACH.