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Serbian KOSTOLAC-B Power Station (Phase II) Coal Mine Expansion Section Transferred

Release time:2019-12-03 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On December 2, the ceremony for signing the Take Over Certificate (TOC) for the belt conveyance system (package 2), dumping plough (package 3) and power transmission & transformation system (package 4) of the coal mine expansion section of the Serbian KOSTOLAC-B Power Station (Phase II) was held at the main office building of the Kostolac Power Company, the owner, indicating that the coal mine expansion section of the project has been completed as scheduled, successfully transferred to the owner and entered the warranty period.

The implementation of the project takes a total of 47 months. The first package of bucket wheel excavators was transferred to the owner and entered the warranty period on September 6, helping the owner significantly ease the pressure of ensuring the production of coal mines this year under the circumstance of overhaul of the bucket wheel excavators of the existing No.3 system. To accelerate the construction of the power transmission & transformation system and ensure that there is enough time for adjustment and commissioning of the entire system, the project office and local construction subcontractors made timely and scientific adjustment of the construction plan and personnel arrangements, and ensured that the work has been completed as scheduled and meet the quality and quantity requirements in spite of the tight schedule and great pressure. In addition, in the face of such difficulties as failure in timely power supply for the entire system, the members of the project office have been actively communicating and coordinating with the owner, organized and convened meetings in a timely manner to make reasonable plans on construction and adjustment in accordance with the situation of the project site, and ensured that the project has been completed within the time limit specified in the contract.

The newly-built fully-continuous mining system of the Drmno open-pit coal mine, which is undertaken by CMEC, is the first Chinese fully-continuous mining system delivered to and operated in Europe, and the sixth set of fully-continuous topsoil stripping system of the Drmno coal mine. The successful takeover and operation of the project laid a solid foundation for the expansion of the power plant (phase II).

Also present at the signing ceremony were the owner’s EPS Project Manager Radan Radovic, TEKO Coal Mine General Manager Veselin Bulatovic, FIDIC Project Manager Helge Ziehe, CMEC Serbian KOSTOLAC-B Power Station (Phase II) Project Executive Manager Ren Kailong, Coal Mine Expansion Section Executive Deputy Manager Jin Wei and responsible persons of the subcontractors.