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Angolan Government Leaders Inspect Cabinda Project Sites

Release time:2017-06-05 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

In May 2017, leaders of the Angolan government inspected the infrastructure construction projects in Cabinda undertaken by China National Complete Engineering Corporation (CNCEC), including theMinister of DefenseMinister of Construction and Governor of Cabinda.

Ministers and Governor inspected the commercial street, LR41, LR42, LR43 and other construction sites. Jiang Zhixin, the project manager, reported on the progress of the project, thanked the government of Angola for its support for the project and received an interview withlocal media.

After the inspection, the ministers and governor were satisfied with the quality and progress of projects constructed by CNCEC and praised the role of CNCEC in the development and planning of Cabinda in recent years, its contributions to the improvement of the infrastructure construction in Cabinda Province. They hoped that they could continue cooperating with CNCEC in the future urban projects of infrastructuredevelopment.

Leaders of the Angolan government inspect the Cabinda project site

The head of the Cabinda project interviewed by local media