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The Second "CMEC Cup" Football Championship Ends

Release time:2018-01-05 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the morning of September 24, the final of the second "CMEC Cup" football championship was held as scheduled, and the Third Business Division and China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNEEC) staged a fantastic and exciting peak showdown. On the field, the two sides were on a par, pitting against each other and each side having its gains and losses. After fierce competition, CNEEC scored a goal at the place kick in the finale and maintained the advantage to the end. Finally, CNEEC edged out the Third Business Division by 1:0 and won the second "CMEC Cup" football championship. Sun Bo, Secretary of the party committee and Chairman, Zhang Chun, Deputy Secretary of the party committee, Executive Director and President, Yu Bo, Deputy Secretary of the party committee, and heads of relevant departments (units) watched the game on the spot and cheered for the players.

After the game, a grand award ceremony was held, and Yu Bo, Deputy Secretary of the company's party committee, presided over the ceremony. The award ceremony was officially started in the company's cheering squad's hot dance "Holiday". Later, Deputy Secretary Yu announced the individual and collective awards for this tournament. Zhang Chun, Deputy Secretary of the party committee, Executive Director and President, granted the "Golden Boot Award" to the winner.

Subsequently, Sun Bo joined Zhang Chun to give medals and the championship trophy to the champion and runner-up teams. By far, the six-week (36-day) tournament had completed all the events. During the events, leaders of the company gave great support and guidance. The referee team, volunteers, the cheering squad and all the staff stayed cautious and conscientious and performed their own duties, demonstrating the conscientious and responsible working attitude of CMEC people. The 14 participating teams released their passion and feared no hardship on the field, with the intertwining of rain, sweat and tears, which fully reflected CMEC people’s spirituality of courageousness and moving forward, team cohesiveness of solidarity and cooperation, and supreme sense of collective honor.

CMEC Labor Union and Football Association will earnestly summarize and accumulate experience to provide a broader platform for football fans in the future.

List of collective awards

Champion: China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.

Runner-up: The Third Business Division

The third winner: The Fourth Business Division, CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Fair play award: United team of functional departments

Best organization award: The Fifth Business Division, China National Complete Engineering Corporation, CMEC Machinery & Electric Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Best fight award: The First Business Division, the Seventh Business Division + the tenderer + the engineering machinery (united team), CMEC Comtrans International Co., Ltd.

Moral style award: The Second Business Division, the Sixth Business Division, the Eighth Business Division + the Financial Head Office (united team)

List of individual awards

The "Golden Boot Award" winners: Yin Yinan (CNEEC), Cheng Wei (CMEC EXPO).