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The Company Successfully Held the Tug of War for 2017

Release time:2018-01-05 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

On the afternoon of November 10, the company grandly held the annual tug-of-war competition for employees, and more than 500 employee representatives took part with passion and high morale.

The activity was sponsored by the company's Labor Union, and the event was hosted by Yu Bo, Deputy Secretary of the party committee and Chairman of the Labor Union. 23 departments took part in teams, with each team of 25 people, and there were 23 teams in total. The competition adopts the group knock-out system for the best of three games, and through the knockout, semifinal and final, the one won out would be the champion.

In the game, players encouraged each other, concentrated the attention, gathered the strength and stayed on the verge of breaking out, and cheerleaders turned red in the face, slapping their hands. Eventually, CNEEC won the first place, the Fifth Set of Business Unit got the second place, COMTRANS and the Sixth Business Division tied for the third place, and the Fourth Set of Business Unit, the property company, the First Set of Business Unit, and the Financial Head Office tied for fourth. President Zhang Chun gave prizes to the winners.

Through the annual tug-of-war competition, the employees convey the teamwork and gritty fighting spirit and greet the year 2018 with a brand-new posture.