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Predestination Makes People Hold Hands on the Chinese Valentine's Day --- The friendship activity of the Labor Union and the Youth League Committee of CMEC

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From August 25 to 26, a fellowship activity of "Predestination Makes People Hold Hands on the Chinese Valentine's Day" held by the Labor Union and the Communist Youth League of CMEC provided a platform to create lucky-chance for 54 single youth employees. 54 single youths from CMEC, Ministry of Finance, Agencies Directly under CCCPC, State Administration of Taxation, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, China Great Wall Industry Corporation, the armed police took part with the longing for love, presenting a modern "Magpie Bridge Meeting" in a warm and romantic atmosphere. Yu Bo, Deputy Secretary of the party committee of the company, Zhao Yiyan, Director of the Women's Committee of Labor Union, and Zhang Xiaoxin, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, attended the whole activity.

The fellowship activity began with an elegant red-carpet show. There were pairs of handsome men and pretty women, putting aside the work seriousness, with their own ideas, walking the red carpet, signing their names, and entering the main venue of the event. The activity was hosted by Liu Shimeng, Zhang Zehao, Gu Xiang and Yang Hanwen.

The activity included links of direct calling names, challenges of three views, fashion show, balloon fight, milky-way meeting, which were lively and interesting. Amidst happy laughter and cheerful voices, they tested tacit understanding, increased communication and interaction, narrowed the distance between each other. There were also a few young people performing talent shows, and their high-pitched singing, graceful dance, and exquisite cooking skill of bakery biscuits arouse the enthusiasm of all on the site. The venue was filled with joy, bursting with youthful vitality, and everyone was immersed in a happy and sweet atmosphere. Finally, the male guest selected a female guest to enter the link of searching for EC. They shared one bicycle and went outdoors to find 30 CMEC logos placed in advance. Within half an hour, the pair who collected the most logos would be the winner.

The dinner was outdoor barbecue. Male guests were very gentlemanlike, actively barbecued and cooked a variety of food while enjoying themselves. Girls were very virtuous and offered help proactively. While tasting creative delicious foods, they chatted with each other about their work and life, and with the spiraling up smoke, everyone was cheerful.

After dinner, accompanied by lively rabbit dance music, the masquerade gorgeously staged. Everyone put on masks, lined up under the host's guidance, and began to dance. Young men and women partnered up, took pictures, learned dance steps instantly and fully showed the demeanor of young people.

On the morning of August 26, the company set up a communication platform for single young people to continue to deepen their understanding through the healthy and entertaining way of "board game" which is low-carbon and environmental friendly. Everyone sat together, with their IQ and EQ tested by Killers of the Three Kingdoms, Werewolves of Miller's Hollow and all kinds of board games. The atmosphere was relaxing and lively.

The theme fellowship activity themed "Predestination Makes People Hold Hands on the Chinese Valentine's Day" provided single young people with a platform for making excellent friends and broadening the life space. In the end, a total of four pairs of young men and women succeed in holding hands. While harvesting the predestinated relationship, young men and women also reaped wonderful friendship. The festive atmosphere was still reverberating and young people had not had full enjoyment and said they would seize their youth, make more friends and work hard to contribute to the development of the company.