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Table Tennis Lays the Road of Friendship and Badminton Erects the Heart-Linking Bridge-- 2017 "May Cup" table tennis and badminton competitions achieve complete success

Release time:2017-05-27 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

With the successful convening of the "Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation", the "May Cup" table tennis and badminton competitions of CMEC were successfully held in Beijing Er Shang Badminton Gym from May 20 to 21, 2017. Sun Bai, Chairman and Secretary of the party committee, Yu Bo, Deputy Secretary of the party committee and President of the labor union, Assistant President Wang Weiling, Li Baolin and other leaders watched games on the site and took photos with the players. Leaders of various participating departments also actively participated in the competitions. China Machinery International Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. (CMIE), China Jikan Research Institute of Engineering Investigations and Design Co., Ltd. (JK), China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNEEC), China National Complete Engineering Corporation (CCEC), the business departments of East China, Central Southern China Electric Power Design Institute (CSEPDI) took part in teams, and China Machinery Huajin Casting Co., Ltd. participated for the first time. 

On the field, CMEC players braved the heat, sweated profusely and were in high spirits, full of energy and with burning passion. The audience of CMEC waved flags, shouted loudly, applauded to cheer, stayed concentrated, and beamed with smiles. The competitions were splendid and the site was harmonious and joyful, which fully showed the collaborative striving and teamwork spirit of CMEC. 

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the competition, CMEC volunteers such as service personnel, medical personnel, photographers were devoted to their duties and worked hard, becoming a beautiful scenery on the sports field. After the competitions, a grand prize-awarding ceremony was held. Cai Ning, President of Chinese Table Tennis Association, and Guo Xiaofeng, President of Chinese Badminton Association read out the competition results respectively. Deputy Secretary Yu Bo presented the award. General Motors Corporation (GM) provided enthusiastic help for the contests.
To promote friendship through sports and to glow with passion in the game. Table tennis and badminton competitions have become platforms for CMEC employees to exchange, bridges of communication and bonds of cooperation. The competitions boosted the morale of the staff, increased their sense of belonging and enhanced the cohesion of the big family of CMEC. The "May Cup" table tennis and badminton competitions of CMEC have become a feast of the Group's cultural and sports activities. (Labor Union Office) 

List of winners for the badminton competition 

Team competition:

The first prize: CCEC Team No.2

The second place: Functional Team No.2

The third place: Functional Team No.1

The fourth place: CNEEC Team. No.1 

Men's singles:

The first place: Zhao Zhong (Financial Head Office)

The second place: Cai Ning (CCEC Dept. No.6)

The third place: Shang Peiyuan (the work department of the Party Committee)

The fourth place: Dong Qing (CNEEC)

The fifth place: Liu Jinsheng (CNEEC)

The sixth place: Yu Xuesong (CCEC Dept. No.2)

The seventh place: Xia Zhenhua (CNEEC)

The eighth place: Wu Yunlin (CCEC Dept. No.7)

Women's singles:

The first place: Liu Yang (CMEC Petrochemical General Machinery Co., Ltd.)

The second place: Yue Ling (CNEEC)

The third place: Qiang Aiqin (CCEC Dept. No.3)

The fourth place: Ouyang Xuemei (the Department of Popular Education)

The fifth place: Li Zhaohui (CCEC Dept. No.2)

The sixth place: Ni Xue (CCEC Dept. No.4)

The seventh place: Liu Jing (the Legal Department)

The eighth place: Zhao Lin (the bidding company)

List of winners for the badminton competition

Class-A group:

The first place: CCEC Engineering Dept. No.1

The second place: The Investment, Financing and Capital Operation Department

Tie for the third place: The united team of the North Division of the Eighth Institute, the Design Consultation, the Investment Management 

China Power Construction Engineering Consulting Central Southern Co., Ltd.

Tie for the fourth place: CMEC Comtrans International Co., Ltd.

CCEC Engineering Dept. No.4

CCEC Engineering Dept. No.7

CMEC Machinery & Electric Equipment Import & Export Co., Ltd. 

Class-B group:

The first place: The untied team of China Machinery Industrial Products Co., Ltd. and CMEC Petrochemical General Machinery Co., Ltd.

The second place: CCEC Engineering Dept. No.6

Tie for the third place: CMEC Beijing Property Development Co., Ltd.

The Management Department of CCEC

Tie for the fourth place: CCEC Engineering Dept. No.8

CCEC Engineering Dept. No.2

The Human Resources Department

The united team of the Legal Department and the Board of Director's Office 

The elite group:

The first place: The Eighth Institute (Changsha)

The second place: The Business Department of CCEC

The third place: The Functional Department of CMEC

The fourth place: CNEEC

The fifth place: The Engineering Investigation Institute of Xi'an

The moral style award: Financial Head Office, the bidding company, CMEC Engineering Machinery Import & Export Co., Ltd. 

CCEC Engineering Dept. No.3, the General Management Department, China-East Resources Import & Export Co., Ltd.

The Organizing Award: The united team of the Audit Department and the Discipline Inspection Department, the Department of Strategy and Operation Development, the united team of the Trade Service Department and the East China Business Department 

The Work Department of Veteran Cadre, CCEC, China Machinery Engineering Henan Co., Ltd., the work division of the Party Committee, the Comprehensive Building of the headquarters, CCEC Engineering Dept. No.5, GM