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Try All Out to Act Like X-Men
- CMEC Wuxi Company “I AM TALENT” Speech Activity Wrapped up

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At 5PM December 18, the “I AM TALENT" speech activity, which had been planned and prepared for nearly three months by the organization under CMEC Wuxi Company that is in charge of work related to Party and government, came to a successful conclusion in the No.1 lecture hall at the fourth floor of Wuxi National Software Park. All leaders and employees of CMEC Wuxi Company took part in the event. Relevant leaders of CMEC East China Division also attended the event.

At the beginning of the event, the emcee passionately reviewed the difficulties and hardships that CMEC Wuxi Company had undergone over the past 28 years and expounded on the development and growth of CMEC and its employees. Afterwards, 13 young employees took turns to make speeches on the stage, telling the stories of 13 talents to the audiences. Their speeches were very impressive, winning thunderous applauds. In spite of their different ages, different departments and different positions, the 13 talents have a common point: they devote themselves to CMEC, make unremitting efforts and march forward bravely. After listening to the touching stories of the talents, many of the audience were highly inspired and said that they will look upon the talents as their role models and learn from them.

After the speeches, an awarding ceremony was held on the site. The leaders of CMEC East China Division presented “Market Development Award”, “International Project Award”, “Award for Construction Superman” and “Lifetime Achievement Award” to four particularly outstanding talents. Although some of them did not attend the event due to busy work, they deserve the honor and their spirit inspired all the audiences.

The event was capped with a set of promotional clips themed with “ordinary posts”. The smiling faces appeared alternately on the large screen, recording the moments of the employees working at differrent positions. CMEC Wuxi Company can not make success without its ordinary employees, since they are also likely to become talents and create a legend!

2017 marks the 30th anniversary of CMEC Wuxi Company, we expect more talents by then!