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Outward Development Program Ends while Thinking Goes on

Release time:2012-09-14 Article source: Reading times: A+AA-

As CMEC Comtrans develops over the years, its staff grows with more and more new members coming in. Despite the rapid expansion of the team, the company maintains the excellent quality of the logistic services it provides amid fierce competitions in the market, winning trust and recognition from various clients. This may not be achieved without the great importance that the leadership of company attached to the cultivation of talents.  

To help new staff fit into the company, nurture their spirit of teamwork, and hone the skills of old staff for cooperation and coordination, a two-day-long orientation for new staff and outward development training for the entire staff was held during August 30th-September 1st. Leaders of the company paid great attention to this event.

Besides helping each staff member complete his/her tasks, the coach for the outward development training also taught all participants how to think and how to take actions. While enjoying the interesting training, participants got a deep understanding of how closely each individual was connected with the whole team. They acquired a belief that the big Comtrans team must be well united, make concerted efforts and stay solid and entrepreneurial. On the training site, the four teams of "The Flash", "Wageliang", "Huashan"” and "Passion" competed and cooperated; the whole staff endeavored to achieve excellent coordination, and individuals had chances to challenge themselves. All activities during the training conveyed vividly the meanings of success and failure, and individual and team.

The outward development training has ended, but staff of Comtrans continues with their thinking. Comtrans will keep its endeavor in corporate culture building so as to offer inexhaustible power for its future development. The training lends us a lasting wealth of experience, and will bring us closely together in our work, winning us the recognition from more and more clients.